All Makes / Models Regardless of Condition

Our experience in the vehicle industry spans many years. Our team work very hard to keep up to date with market values and we strive to offer a premium service. We understand that the industry perhaps has a bad reputation so we ensure that all of our clients receive the best possible price and the most superior service available in the Essex area.

We will carry out a professional assessment of your car once you have completed our proposal form. We will also be happy to speak with you directly if you wish. We will offer you a price and arrange to collect your car at the most convenient time, giving you a cash price for your vehicle.

Sell My Car in Essex

Using our service means that you won’t experience any uncomfortable negotiations about the cost of the car and will avoid haggling on your doorstep like you would with a private seller. You will deal with only one representative who will happily collect your car when you are ready and from a location in Essex where it is most convenient to you.

We also have experience in scrapping cars so if you prefer the idea of sending your car to scrap instead of selling it, we will offer you the very latest prices and ensure that documentation is completed; we will make sure that your car is scrapped legally and safely. We use only Authorised Treatment Facilities that are licenced by the relevant bodies (the Environment Agency and the DVLA.)

Why Use We Buy Essex Cars?

If you want to sell your car, it’s reached the end of its life or you simply don’t need it anymore, then We Buy Essex Cars can help.

We will consider all vehicles despite whatever condition they might be in. Even if you might be thinking of selling just a shell of a car, we will talk to you about its value. We don’t find that failed MOTs or electric and mechanical faults prevent us from pricing up and collecting a car so call us today for a cash price and collection of your vehicle.

Sell Your Essex Car

No matter where you Essex car is located in the county, we will collect your car FREE and give you a cash price when we do so. Our prices are free from any hidden extras and charges, and we’ll ensure that we offer the best value according to the market at the time that we quote.
We have very flexible hours so that we can collect at the time most convenient to you. If you prefer evenings and weekend collections, we can offer those too.

Car Buying Excellence

We pride ourselves on providing the best Essex car buying service. Having been in our industry for years, we know that it may sometimes seem like it has a bad reputation. For this reason, we have built our business with one goal – to prioritise our customer needs and offer the best price when you decide to sell your car.

Sell My Car

We Buy Essex Cars are independent used car buyers and we make selling your car a simple and positive process. When you choose us, you will benefit from a pleasant and polite service, and you can use our easy to use proposal form to obtain a quotation. Our team are also happy to talk to you in more detail about things like the optional extras your car has, its condition, mileage and other factors that will allow us to offer the fairest price.

We can also scrap cars responsibly should you prefer this option. Electrical and mechanical faults aren’t an issue, and even if your car is a shell with missing wheels or extremely rusty we don’t see those as obstacles in offering you the best possible quote.

Talk to us today or complete the form and we will offer a prompt quotation and arrange to collect the car whenever and from wherever you prefer. Our car buying service is entirely flexible and extremely professional.

Find out more about our process on the ‘How it Works’ page.