Here we have some common questions that we get asked (frequently asked questions) but please do call our team if you can’t find the answer you are looking for below.

Why choose We Buy Essex Cars?

We have built our company on reliability – our customers return to us because they know they will receive a premium price, sandwiched within a simple process and a superior, professional service.

Our team offers a personal service, you will not be pushed into selling your car and will not be intimidated by our support; we make selling your car simple and always offer the best price that we can depending on its current market value.

Should I just sell my car privately?

This really is your decision; we are just here to make a complex and timely process much simpler. The potential issues with selling your car privately can range from selling online and the buyer disputing the condition of the car when they collect; uncomfortable haggling on your doorstep; having strangers visit you at your home.

There are also many timewasters out there our service compared because once you have agreed your price, we don’t let you down and collect the car whenever and wherever is best for you.

I need to sell my car – can I sell it today?

We always have the funds available. We’ll aim to give you the best possible price within just an hour and because we’re based in Essex, can usually collect the car and pay you in cash on the same day.

We offer a flexible service and can collect your car evenings and weekends if necessary. We’ll pay you when we collect, from cleared funds, and will collect from wherever you think is convenient. We can even collect your car during lunch hour at work if you wish.

Can you scrap my car?

Yes we operate a car scrapping service. We provide you with the correct documentation and dispose of the car at an Authorised Treatment Centre.

This means that the car is scrapped safely and responsibly, and that we are following legal regulations as outlined by the Environment Agency and the DVLA.

Will you consider buying an imported car?

Yes. Imported cars are those that have been purchased within the EU, or those that have been purchased outside of the EU.

You will need to outline the details as shown on your registration document (V5) and we will value imported cars slightly differently to others. If you wish to speak to us first we can discuss the make, model, mileage and condition, providing you with the fairest quote.

What types of car do you buy?

We will consider any make and model, whether it’s left or right handed drive, and will take into consideration its condition, the mileage, and optional extras that you purchased when you got your car.

We take care to ensure that the price we quote is a good price that is also based on current market values.

How do you actually value my car?

We have many years of experience in the vehicle industry and use our knowledge, database and contacts to research the price before we quote. We do this very quickly, usually within a few hours, so that we can give you the best possible offer. We are thorough in our research and any unusual makes of car will be looked into carefully.

I have hire purchase (HP) will you still be able to buy my car?

Yes we can but you have to settle the remaining balance. If you owe more than what we offer for the car, we request that you settle the balance before we collect the car.

We Buy Essex Cars can pay the balance on your behalf, we will simply deduct the amount and pay you the difference; in this case, you will be required to obtain the settlement figure in writing.

If you prefer, we can pay you when we collect the car and you will be required to pay your loan company; if you do not, you can default on your credit file and face County Court Judgements for the amounts owed plus fees.

How do I know what the final figure is I owe on the car?

You can request the balance to settle from the company from which you have the loan.

I can’t find, or have lost, my registration document (V5)

The registration document, or V5 logbook, must be in your possession. If you have lost it you are always able to request a duplicate from the DVLA.

You need to prove to us, using the logbook, that you are the owner of the car before the sale goes through.

I can’t find my car on your website proposal form

Some vehicles are unusually named and we can’t add every single make and model to our website because of this.

We do, however, consider any vehicle in any condition and therefore we invite you to call us directly. If you can’t find your car we will be able to talk to you, research it and come back to you promptly with a quote.

Do you buy vans?

Yes we consider any vehicle including vans.

Do you buy commercial vehicles and fleets?

Yes. We use exactly the same procedure when buying commercial vehicles as we use when we buy privately.

How can I be sure I will be paid?

We pay you instantly when we collect your car.

How do you work out the value of my car?

We will consider each car individually based on the information that you enter into the We Buy Essex Cars website.

We will utilise the latest databases and use our vast array of industry contacts so that we offer you an honest, well informed valuation.

What are acceptable forms of identification?

We can accept a passport, driving licence or a birth certificate (all original documents.) If you are selling the car on behalf of somebody else we will need their written authorisation that you are permitted to sell the car for them.

What else do you need?

We will need the keys and a spare key if there is one.

  • The logbook (V5).
  • Details of service history.
  • Manual (if there is one.)
  • MoT certificate.

Can I sell a car on behalf of someone else?

Yes. You will need to have authorisation in writing from the owner which needs to be signed and dated. We also require your own identification.

How does the process work?

For a full outline of how the process works, please see the ‘How It Works’ section on the website.

Will you charge me to come and collect my car?

No our service is FREE. We basically pay you for your car without charging you any fees or hidden extras.